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Lean on Pisa as a getaway to Tuscany

Pisa, Tuscany, happy tourist visiting the famous leaning towerIf you go to Pisa, it’s almost mandatory to take that stupid photo thing of seeming to hold the tower up — Shutterstock

Yes, leaning tower. Yes, cathedral. Yes, Campo Santo. Yes, you’ll need to do that stupid photo thing of seeming to hold the tower up, LOL, etc. But there’s more to do than just that, of course, there is. If you’re a church or architecture fan, you’ll be (if not actually, then figuratively) in heaven. Head into the city proper to get away from the crowds and see what the actual residents do: take a walk along the banks of the lazily-flowing Arno, or duck into a friendly trattoria.

Otherwise use Pisa as a base to see those two other great Tuscan cities, Florence and Siena. Florence’s glories are well-known, with the Ponte Vecchio, the wonderful Uffizi gallery, stunning cathedral, and much more; while Siena is slightly less well-known but no less lovely. Sit on the huge, fan-shaped Piazza del Campo and watch the world go by, or walk out of town and look over the vineyards and hills that surround it. This triangle of wonderful cities is an amazing introduction to everything the romantic side of Italy has to offer.