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Drink Bordeaux – the city and the wine

Street view of old city in bordeaux, France, typical buildings from the region, part of unesco world heritageBordeaux is elegant, refined, attractive, everything you’s expect a French city to be — Shutterstock

It’s always seemed odd to me that Bordeaux feels slightly overlooked as a destination. It’s almost not really a place, more a brand name, a word that means wine, but not the place it’s from. Well, what an oversight that would be were it to be true. Bordeaux is a lovely city: the wine and food are (obviously) great, but it’s everything you’d imagine a French city to be as well. It’s elegant, refined, attractive, with just a hint of yes-we-do-know-how-lucky-we-are.

Get your bearings by climbing to the top of the free-standing spire of the St. Michel cathedral for views over the whole city. Walk along the Garonne and through what was once abandoned warehouses and empty docks, now transformed into artisan shops and lively cafes, interspersed with touches of greenery. Treat yourself to a shopping spree in the boutiques of the Triangle d’Or, Bordeaux’s historic heart. And, of course, take in what made the region famous at the Cité du Vin wine museum. You’ll wonder why on earth you hadn’t been to Bordeaux before.