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Have some much-needed fun in Barcelona

tourist woman in coat at Guell Park in Barcelona, Spain looking into the distanceBarcelona has everything, from parks and gardens to clubs and nightlife and some of Europe’s best sights — Shutterstock

Ah, Barcelona, a city that seemingly has everything, from parks and gardens to clubs and nightlife. Some of the finest old buildings in Europe to huge modern shopping malls. Beaches, boulevards, markets, tourist traps, and quiet corners. Sport and culture from football to opera, festivals, events, and much much more. There’s never a bad time to visit.

Autumn, however, might just be the finest time of all. You’re past the height of the summer, but the weather’s still warm enough to feel like you’re topping up on that much-needed vitamin D, and everything feels just a bit more laid back. You can take a bit of extra time doing things you might feel pressured to do — see that, go here, do this! — well, not so much in autumn. Rather than rush, you can stroll, amble, wander. Don’t gulp, savor. Look rather than just see. Your bucket list is whatever you come across, whether that’s a secret square, a coffee shop you’ll come back to again one day, a flea market that rewards you with a curious souvenir, or whatever Barcelona happens to put in front of you. Just enjoy it.