Here’s a look inside the massive food court at 88 Marketplace

Two bubble teas at Pure Tea 88 Marketplace
Photograph: Zach Long

Pure Tea

You’ll spot Pure Tea on the first floor of the building that houses 88 Marketplace, before you ascend the escalator to the second level where the food court is located. Whether you grab something to drink while you shop or after a meal upstairs, the tea, coffee, smoothie and snack shop is worth a stop. As you might expect, beverages are the focus here, ranging from milk tea (with optional tapioca pearls, lychee jelly or trendy cheese mousse) and matcha drinks to red bean smoothies and fruit teas. But the sleeper hit at Pure Tea is the photogenic egg puff waffle ($5.50–$8.50) that is served in a cup with option mix-ins like Oreos and red beans—a great dessert option if you’ve saved room after feasting at the food court upstairs.—ZL