Here’s a look inside the massive food court at 88 Marketplace

banh mi sandwich at pho bull 88 Marketplace
Photograph: Zach Long

Pho Bull

Operating out of a (currently) unmarked stand inside the food court, Pho Bull adds some Vietnamese specialities to the pan-Asian offerings at 88 Marketplace. The menu is small and divided pretty evenly between the kitchen’s namesake noodle soup (served with steak and beef balls) and bánh mì sandwiches—plus a grilled pork chop that served with an egg and rice. The bánh mì don’t quite live up to those served at spots like Ba Le and Nhu Lan, but they’re affordable—just $6.25 each—and a great option for a quick lunch, as long as you don’t mind the limited options of pork, beef or vegetables and eggs.—ZL