Here’s a look inside the massive food court at 88 Marketplace

Chiu Quon Bakery in 88 Marketplace
Photograph: Zach Long

Chiu Quon Bakery

It’s hard to miss the neon signage and brightly-lit self-serve pastry cases at Chiu Quon, the latest outpost of the iconic Chinatown bakery. Peruse recessed fridges to find treats like a lilac-hued ube pudding, multi-flavored mochi bites or tall, wobbly slices of cake, plus bottled drinks and a few savory salads. You’ll want to grab a tray before visiting the main attraction, a sizable pastry case stuffed with everything from hot dog and coconut buns to several varieties of egg tart, including Portuguese and a crackly-topped milk tea that tastes strikingly like the real deal. If you prefer a hot (and less sweet) meal, inquire at the counter about dim sum dishes like shumai, bean curd rolls and sticky rice with chicken ($3.75 per serving).—EK