Here’s a look inside the massive food court at 88 Marketplace

BBQ King at 88 Marketplace, barbecue chicken hanging in case
Photograph: Zach Long

BBQ King 88

Boasting a case filled with roasted ducks and racks of ribs, BBQ King 88 is an offshoot of the BBQ King House in Chinatown Square, specializing in Hong Kong-style barbecue. Sadly, the 88 Marketplace location isn’t offering Peking duck at the moment—you’ll have to settle for Cantonese-style pi pa roast duck or regular old barbecue duck (which are both pretty good!). The options at this stand are pretty daunting, ranging from appetizers like duck wings and pork belly to more substantial options like spareribs, chicken and squid. If you want a taste of multiple proteins, opt for the two choices ($9) or three choices ($9.50) of barbecue on rice, allowing you to sample duck, barbecue pork and soya chicken in a single meal, accompanied by a bowl of broth and some bok choy.—Zach Long