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    10+ People Whose Age Is a Mystery

    Some people look 40 when they are 14 and others, when they are adults, look like teenagers. If it’s a blessing or a curse is a moot point, but what we certainly know is that attempting to guess the ages of these people based on looks alone is an impossible task and will prove it […] More

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    People whose expectations were met with serious regret

    Share In life, everyone has certain expectations. This is especially true when trying to achieve something in particular they saw. That could be a haircut, manicured nails, a pet’s grooming, a birthday cake, or even a tangible product. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair. In other words, rather than ending up with what they expected, well, […] More

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    Alexa Dellanos Leaves Little To Imagination

    Alexa Dellanos has made a splash on the internet with her hot and sexy pics that she posts on a regular basis. The basis of her career is a internet personality and she has accumulated quite a lot of attention since she began her venture on Instagram and Twitter.httpss:// More