British Girl Slept With Men On An American Vacation And Recorded Each Climax

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Brain Scan Uncovers Real Cause of Tinnitus (It’s Genius)

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Lucy Barlows, a 22-year-old young British traveler decided to go on an American trip. She slept with men all throughout the two continents and then posted the pictures online –

#1. Her First Encounter In Nicaragua

Here she got acquainted with a man named Miguel, who was 28 years old at that time. This encounter took place in Acapulco. From the picture, it seems like she isn’t impressed.

#2. Another Pleasurable Encounter In Nicaragua

Her Nicaraguan adventure did not end in disappointment. This time she slept with Joel, 26, of Managua who seems to have struck the right chord with Lucy who is certainly in ecstasy land.

#3. Welcome To The United States Of America

John, 27 years of age, seems to know what Lucy likes. She is clearly satisfied with her San Fransisco experience. We wonder where she heads to next from here.

#4. The Bliss Of The Honduras

The Honduran travails seem to have rewarded her labors as well. Lucy is certainly on a men banging rampage. With 28 y.o. Marvin(from Tegucigalpa) as her partner, we didn’t expect anything different either!

#5. With Love, In Peru

Inti, 29, from Lima is also an expert in satisfying girls. Well, this British girl seems to be enjoying her Latin American lovers a lot.

#6. Meltdown In Venezuela

Love certainly seems to know no bounds and boundaries. Lucy continues her fantastic ride in Venezuela with 28-year-old Santiago from Caracas.

#7. The Colombian Affair

Lucy seems to be glad to have Colombia in her itinerary. She can’t contain herself, thanks to 23-year-old Jaison from Cali.

#8. The Panama Diaries

24-year-old Andres from Panama City seems to know all the tricks of the trade. Lucy is trying her best to be candid about the whole affair.

#9. A Juvenile From Ecuador

Juvenal from Ecuador, maybe a juvenile. But the young man is no novice when it comes to lovemaking. Lucy was dying from unparalleled pleasure.

#10. Bolstering It In Bolivia

25-year-old Renato from La Paz, doesn’t want to get left behind. So he gives it his best shot and it hit the bullseye for sure.