8 Lessons Your Parents’ Divorce Can Teach You About Lasting Love

The concept of a wedding, or even a successful marriage, may seem alien to you if you grew up in a divorced home. However, commitment and possibly marriage can be a source of stability in an uncertain world and bring you happiness.

As an adult taking tentative steps into intimate relationships, your parents’ divorce indelibly shapes your feelings about yourself and relationships. Even if your parents’ divorce is years behind you, you may lack confidence in your ability to create lasting romantic relationships of your own

During my interviews with hundreds of adults raised in divorced homes, I discovered that many adult children of divorce were conflicted about their ability to find lasting love. In fact, I learned that daughters of divorce are particularly vulnerable to self-doubt and fears about commitment.

It’s a weird dynamic – often a woman’s fear of intimacy and commitment displays itself in unusual ways – such as hanging on to a dysfunctional relationship too long or trying to rescue an unsuitable partner.

Some women even find themselves sabotaging healthy relationships and describe fearing conflict and intimacy because they don’t believe love will last.